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Members Tips of the Month - APril 2020

Submitted by Dr. Keith Hulse and Behavioral Medicine Institute: "This is the best info we have but so far..." But it's changing weekly!


Efft. 03/17/2020 – 06/04/2020

     Commerical and Medicare plans covered for Telehealth and Telephone sessions

     Bill w/ modifier GT or 95

     Covered CPT codes (EAP covered): 90791, 90792, 90832- 90840, 90845, 90846, 90847, 90853, 90863, 99441-99443 (no modifiers required)


Efft. 03/17/2020 – No end date

     Originating site waived

     Telephone sessions is permitted

     Bill with POS 02; does not mention any modifier requirements

Beacon Health Options Efft. 03/25/2020 – No end date

     Must be clinically appropriate and medically necessary

     Services covered via telephone or telehealth

     Telehealth Attestation Waived

     Alternative approved platform(s): FaceTime and Skype

     Prohibited platform(s): Facebook Live and Tik Tok

     Clinical Documentation are the same as face to face documentation for services

Behavioral Health Systems Efft. 03/18/2020 – 05/31/2020

     Telehealth and Telephone sessions are permitted

     Psychotherapy and Med Mgt are covered

     Bill with POS 02

     No modifiers required

Blue Cross Blue Shield Efft. 03/19/2020 – 04/30/2020

     Bill w/ POS 02


Efft. 03/17/2020 – 05/31/2020

     Telehealth Attestation Waived

     Telehealth and Telephone sessions are permitted

     FaceTime and Skype are permitted

     Bill w/ Modifier 95 and POS 02


Efft. 03/18/2020 – No end date

     Telehealth Attestation waived

     Telehealth and Telephone sessions are permitted


Efft. 03/05/2020 – No end date

      Originating site restriction is waived

      POS stays the same (11) for office

      Utilize modifier 95


Efft. 03/17/2020 – No end date

      Providers must be licensed in the state of telehealth service

      Video platform must be HIPAA compliant

      Bill w/ GT modifier and POS 02 for distant site; Q3014 modifier for originating site

UHC – Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Efft. 03/25/2020 – 06/18/2020

*Optum Commercial - Efft. 03/26/2020

- 04/30/2020

      Originating site restriction is waived for all policies

      Commerical and Medicare

HIPAA restrictions are lifted for usage of FaceTime, Skype, or by telephone

      Commerical – CPT & GT Modifier w/ POS 02 for both telephonic and telehealth

      Medicare Advantage – All CPT codes are payable when billed with POS 02 and the GQ/GT modifiers.

      TNCare – Bill with POS 2, no modifiers required

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