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Knoxville Area Psychological Association


Allen Burt, Ph.D.


Dr. Allen Burt received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology  from UT Knoxville in 1991.  After working for several years as a staff psychologist at Overlook Center providing individual therapy and assessments, he began to transition to independent practice. He currently maintains a private practice in Knoxville consisting of adults, adolescents and children. He uses a psychodynamic perspective for both short  term situational issues and longer term personal growth.


February 2021

April 2021

Ten Questions:

    1.    What was your first real job?: 

            Dish dog at a seafood restaurant.

    2.     What has been your favorite book and why?:

    Even when I have really enjoyed a book, I don’t believe I’ve ever had one I would call my favorite.  Currently I’m pushing through a dry section of Les Misérables.

    3.     How do you describe your sense of humor?:

    Irreverent with deadpan delivery.

    4.     What's your current focus in your work?:

    Individual psychodynamic treatment of adults and adolescents both short and long term.

    5.      What kind of patient would you like to see more?:

    One who does not want me to give them a quick and easy solution.

    6.       What would you like KAPA to provide in the future?:

    One of KAPA’s strengths is the CE offerings which perhaps could even be expanded.

    7.       What guilty pleasure can you not live without?:

              Window shopping great tribal art I will never own.

    8.       Name two people who have inspired you?:

    A fourth grade classmate who, with a pat on the back, taught me the power of small acts of kindness.  Dr. Paul Lerner, my consultant who helped ground me during those early years of private practice.

    9.      What is a common point of frustration in your current work?:

    Being out-of-network makes it very difficult to predict insurance reimbursement.

    10.      What’s one thing - either psychology related or not - you learned in the last month?:

               There is a group of Mulberry trees close to Farragut High School that have some tasty berries.

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